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assignment help 9960.

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In this part of your final project, you will analyze and review the critical thinking skills (Please view below under Lesson Content for additional education), emotional intelligence, and level of employee engagement needed by workgroup participants. This paper will address these concepts and provide the necessary information for the right workgroup participants to be selected. Think about the types of processes that must occur for strategic management to be successful. There are a lot of important decisions to be made, problem problem-solving solving, difficult conversations to have (as not everyone can get what they specifically want), and hard work that must be done.

Write a 1–2-page paper using the project scenario (Please see below under Project Overview) to analyze and review the critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and level of employee engagement needed by workgroup participants to successfully contribute to the strategic planning process. Make recommendations for how you will identify people with these characteristics and select the best candidates.

APA formatting must be used for all written assignments. This includes tithe le page, formatting, and references along with in-text citations. A minimum of 2 references must be used.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

assignment help 9960


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