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assignment help 9953.

Course : Introduction to Theology

Question 1:  Christian theology is rational reflection upon Jesus. In Mark’s gospel, the dominant image of Jesus is of one who suffers. If Christians believe that Jesus is the epitome of God’s revelation to us, how does Mark’s portrait of Jesus impact your own image and understanding of God?   Length 250 words

Question 2


  • Fischer & Hart: Chapters 5 & 12; review Ch. 4 (57 – 61); Marinelli: Ch. 4
  • Bible: Mark Chapters 1-16; Luke Chapters 1-4:14; Matthew Chapters 1-4:17; John Chapter 1:1-34

WRITE: After reading the assigned materials, write a 3 page double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman font essay on the topic below: 

In Chapter 7 of Mark’s gospel, Jesus encounters people who are described as “unclean:” his own disciples, the Syrophoenician woman, and the deaf and mute man. Using reputable sources to support your description, what does it mean to be “unclean” in the Jewish society of Jesus’ time?  Who are the “unclean” of our society today? How does Jesus’ response to the unclean in Mark’s gospel inform your own response to the “unclean” of today’s society?

Cite material quoted or paraphrased from Fischer & Hart and/or outside resources to support your argument. Follow the Writing Instructions given above and refer to the resource titled “The Writing Process”  for how to write an essay. 

assignment help 9953


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