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assignment help 9941

assignment help 9941.

-The HRD project paper is a two-part paper: Part 1 will be to design an HRD program in the three HRD areas of Figure 1.1, McLagan’s human resource wheel, see attachment.

– To frame the program, the paper should begin with identifying the organization’s industry and its business strategy. It is not expected that you will develop the training/development materials nor implement the project but will provide a thorough argument for the approach and activities included. In Part 2, you will document how you will evaluate your program using Kirkpatrick’s four-level taxonomy (Figure 7.1), see attachments.

– The paper will be prepared in Word and adhere to APA style and formatting.

-The paper must be 10-12 pages, not counting cover, reference pages, or appendix).

-Minimum 5 references

– No plagiarism, please!

-The paper is based on Military Recruiting. Attached are attachments with more information about Military Recruiting and Needs Uncovered in a Military Organization to better assist you in writing this project.

-Attached is the Basic Outline for the HRD Key Assignment (must have everything on it).

-Attached is also an example of an HRD paper to guide you better. Use the information I provided in the attachments (Military Recruiting and Needs Uncovered in a Military Organization. 

-I also attached the Rubric grading sheet to better assist you, need an A+

assignment help 9941


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