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Should we make it illegal for pregnant women to drink alcohol? Absolutely. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is something that should not even exist. When a woman finds out that she is pregnant and is a casual or a heavy drinker, her first thing she should do is think about her unborn child and the damages she could be dong to it. It would be the same thing as giving a baby alcohol but worse, you are giving it to them in their most formative time of development. Essentially, why would it make it ok to give a baby alcohol while in the womb? It never will be. Women found drinking while pregnant should face charges for what they are doing to their child. 


I think making it illegal for pregnant women to drink would be beneficial to the future health of our children. Just like any other law it can be broken, although only some expecting mothers will be willing to take that risk. A law would be consequential, rather than a policy which is merely just a suggestion or warning. Fetal alcohol syndrome according to our textbook can be quite devastating to the development of a newborn. Malnutrition is a category that falls under abuse and is usually investigated if claims are made, in my opinion, drinking while pregnant is a form of malnutrition to a fetus. With that comparison, I firmly believe that alcohol should be illegal to consume while pregnant. 


assignment help 9940


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