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Module 8: Discussion Forum.

The last discussion in this course is designed for personal reflection and learning reinforcement. To prepare for an original post, compile and assess the leadership biography developed in Module 1 and the personal leadership metaphor constructed in Module 6.

Carefully review that content and reflect on your current view of leadership and your preferred leadership discourse, beliefs, and assumptions. It is not necessary to share those reflections.

Now, review Modules 1 through 8 to determine which of those Modules made the largest impact on your thinking about leaders and leadership.

Consider the following questions to form your original post:

  • Have your views or assumptions about leadership changed or remained the same throughout the course? Why or why not?
  • How does your answer influence decisions about your roles in education, career, and the community?
  • Does critical inquiry have a place in leadership study and why or why not? Name the scholars who most contributed to your conclusion.
  • What is the number one thing that surprised you about leadership study in ORG561? Why?
  • Which module in the course most influenced your thinking about leadership and how so?

The original post should be no more than four (4) well-developed paragraphs with a minimum of two scholarly sources in addition to required readings.

assignment help 9930


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