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assignment help 9917.

Recently, telehealth has come to the forefront of the medical world with the recent pandemic of COVID-19. As healthcare providers, APRNs find themselves in need of an increased knowledge of both how to correctly complete a telehealth visit with a patient and the rules and regulations surrounding that visit. The Telehealth Module in this course is complete with basic telehealth information, etiquette and legal implications for APRNs.

As an APRN, you should continue to gain knowledge about telehealth and its implications for your specific practice. After viewing the slides, videos, completing all of the required reading and reviewing the links provided please answer the following in a discussion post:

Explain what an appropriate telehealth visit might look like. A few suggestions are: questions you might need to ask the patient prior to beginning the visit, ways you can protect patient privacy, how you might be able to best assess the patient, how you should chart the visit and how you should close the visit. You may also include telehealth etiquette. You do not have to include all of these suggestions or limit yourself to them, these are just a few to guide your thinking.

Please support your answer with no fewer than two (2) peer reviewed journal articles, not used in this module. 

Your initial post should be between 500 and 750 words and the word count should be noted in your post. 

assignment help 9917


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