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assignment help 9907

assignment help 9907.

Need help with my writing homework on Control of the Current Usage of Antibiotics. Write a 250 word paper answering; The Honorable Senate Office Building Washington, DC RE: Reduction of Antibiotic Usage Dear Honorable, I am writing this letter in support of the current piece of legislation that aims to control the current usage of antibiotics.

I have been following the recent debate on antibiotic usage in our society today. I believe this is the bold step being taken by the house. Antibiotic usage has been ignored for a long time despite the notable effect it has had in our society. Antibiotic usage has been on the rise in our society with devastating consequences. The overuse has been due to the availability of the substance in our society without any regulation. According to the World Health Organization, the overuse has led to increased microorganism resistant to drugs. The consequence has been increased death, increased suffering, and increased burden of healthcare costs to members of our society.

Therefore, I fully support you in your call for legislation of laws meant to curb the overuse. Passing the law will go a long way in reducing the effects currently evident in society today. This is because such a law will help in ensuring there is an appropriate use of the drug. As a result, people will have access to medicines that conform to the recommendation and standard treatment guidelines.

assignment help 9907


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