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assignment help 9902

assignment help 9902.

In a brief essay of 2000 to 2050 words, state a claim and support it with evidence. Choose an issue from the list below in which you are genuinely interested and about which you already know something. Familiarize yourself with the rubric (below) before, during, and after writing your essay.

Sample Topics:

1.1.The U.S. dollar is overvalued.

1.2.Fiscal and monetary policies of the United States should be coordinated with the fiscal and monetary policies of developing countries.

1.3.When the private sector spending and incomes decline, the federal government should undertake an expansionary fiscal policy.

1.4.Inflation exceeding what is expected should not be allowed to happen.

1.5.The government should not manage the level of aggregate demand.

1.6.The chief fault of fixed exchange rate during the Bretton Woods International Monetary System was …

1.7.The consumption function should not concern policymakers.

1.8. The government should bolster a sagging economy by waiting for the economy to self-adjust.

1.9.The stock market and home prices should not concern those who do not own stocks or a home.

1.10.U.S. families should be cutting back on spending, reducing credit card debt, and even setting aside more money for the proverbial rainy day.

1.11.The federal government should not reduce unemployment below the natural rate of unemployment.

assignment help 9902


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