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assignment help 9894

assignment help 9894.

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1. According to the video (24.55), they stated an exact amount of cattle die a “day” to sustain your demand for meat, (A) what was that amount daily, monthly, and yearly…and (B) what happens to America when we can’t sustain those numbers anymore, and (C) how can we possibly breed that many cattle to sustain America’s love for meat?

2. Why is it ethical and unethical to feed cows food that is unnatural for them, such as corn, just to satisfy your belly?

3. Oddly enough, (28:30) the consumer and clever marketing deemed onions the newest fad food but it’s literally destroying the soil. Present examples how fad foods could be harming our environment, and why do we allow the consumer to have that much power over our resources?

4. Considering the size of our population, what efforts are acceptable to sustain life?

5. To sustain a high functioning society, who should control the wants and needs of the people, the producers or consumers?

 6. (51mins) Being we would starve without food making us dependent on the farmer for our way of life, what efforts have you made to show your appreciation to them? What is your relationship with the farmer?

7. Do you think one country should share their resources with another country?

8. Why does the Nature of Man automatically assume he has ownership over animals to do his bidding? Is he right?

assignment help 9894


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