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assignment help 9887.

I will pay for the following article Business legal issues. Brandon Burton, Leslie Gaines, Eric Defrancisco, David Butler, Sanjeev Dube. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In this case, the mention of his disability as a concern may be construed as prejudice against the physically disabled as a class. The discrimination is made more apparent by the fact that the position being applied for is a managerial one, a job that requires more of mental skills rather than physical capabilities. There may be instances, however, when it is proper to express concern that physical disability may get in the way of the discharge of the duties of the position. When the job requires physical dexterity and the application of manual skills, then clearly the situation of a paraplegic will be a hindrance to the discharge of the function. There are many such instances when the specification of physical attributes for a particular job is accepted as normal and regular, such as requiring airplane attendants to be of a certain minimum height to be able to reach overhead baggage compartments, or ballet dancers to be male to fulfill a particular dance role. Ethnicity or racial origins may sometimes be necessary for assignment in certain parts of the world, to reduce the threat of personal risk to the individual, or to increase the company’s acceptance in that culture.

assignment help 9887


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