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assignment help 9884.

I will pay for the following article What is the Associated Link between Being Raised in a Single- versus Two-parent Household and Risk of Juvenile Delinquency. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The gender of the parent responsible for bringing up a child has an influence on their behavior, requiring that single mothers will require more assistance to streamline their children from becoming delinquents.

Vanassche, S., Sodermans, A., Matthijs, K., & Swicegood, G. (2014). The Effects of Family Type, Family Relationships and Parental Role Models on Delinquency and Alcohol Use Among Flemish Adolescents. Journal Of Child & Family Studies, 23(1), 128-143.

The research was conducted to show that not only single-parent to two-parent family type is a factor in determining juvenile delinquency, but also the nature of the relationships between the parent and the children.

The implications of the article are that it is not only the type of family or the nature of the relationship between the child and the parent that affects delinquent behavior, but also the nature of the relationship between parents.

Demuth, S., & Brown, S. L. (2004). Family structure, family processes, and adolescent delinquency: the significance of parental absence versus parental gender. Journal Of Research In Crime & Delinquency, 41(1).

assignment help 9884


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