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assignment help 9880

assignment help 9880.

Position Paper: A culmination of your work in the course and focusing on one of the arguments .

The 5-6 page (maximum) Position Paper will include: (1) An introduction to the argument on your public health issue(s) of choice (including a clear thesis); (2) Major findings in the literature that support your position for the paper; (3) A conclusion; and (4) at least 6 CREDIBLE (e.g., peer reviewed journals) citations accompanied by a reference list at the end of the paper. 

List of topics: ( Choose one topic)

-Will Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Negatively Affect Human Health and the Environment? 

-Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

 -Do the Benefits of Statin Drugs Outweigh the Risks?

 -Are Homeopathic Remedies Effective? 

-Does the Affordable Health Care Act Violate Religious Freedom? 

-Is the Affordable Health Care Act Successful?

 -Should the Healthcare System Continuously Strive to Extend Life? 

-Is There a Link Between Vaccination and Autism? 

-Do Religion and Prayer Benefit Health? 

-Should Addiction to Drugs Be Labeled a Brain Disease? 

-Are Energy Drinks with Alcohol Dangerous Enough to Ban? 

-Is the Cost of Treating Cancer Unsustainable? 

-Is There a Valid Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease? 

 -Are Restrictions on Sugar and Sugary Beverages Justified?

 -Is Weight-Loss Maintenance Possible?

assignment help 9880


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