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assignment help 9863

assignment help 9863.

Based on the “Effect of Emerging Technology on the Economy of the Country” assignment you completed in Topic 3 (I attached the file), provide a (350-500 word) executive summary to describe how an emerging technology could solve a problem in your country (Eygpt). Create an Executive Summary that uses the following format to analyze the economic, legal, and cultural factors that affect organizations in a global business environment. Provide research/evidence that supports your summary.


  • Provide an overview of the executive summary.

Identify the Problem

  • Describe the problem that exists within the chosen country.

Propose a Solution

  • Describe a global or local emerging technology to solve the problem.
  • Identify an organization (outside the selected country) that offers the emerging technology to solve the problem.
  • Provide an analysis of the economic, legal, and cultural factors that would affect the organization within that global business environment.

What is Needed to Implement the Solution

  • For example, potential obstacles, how much the solution costs, return on investment, competition, licensing, land, resources, based on economic, legal, and cultural factors.
  • Identify a local business partner that would help advance the proposed emerging technology within the selected country.

assignment help 9863


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