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assignment help 9861

assignment help 9861.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic The movie Analysis. When Harry Met Sally. This happens before the drive to New York City. The second stage occurs during the drive and is known as the stage of experimentation. During this stage, there is an attempt on the part of both the characters to look for common characteristics in their personalities. Much of the tension in the movie arises out of the fact that this stage stretches for a very long time. The next stage is the intensifying stage. During this stage, the two parties seek to take the relationship forward and develop it further. Harry and Sally take a long time in reaching this stage and it happens during the New Year Eve party when they realize the attraction that they felt for each other. It is during the next stage, that of integration, that they engage in sexual intercourse. The act of sex then can be seen to be one where the members of the couple disclose hidden parts of themselves to the other. The next stage of bonding for Harry and Sally arrives, one may speculate after the events of the movie as the formal declaration of love comes at the end of the movie. The stage of disintegration, on the other hand, never really arrives (Knapp and Vangelisti. Reiner). The different stages of love in the movie are ironically, shown to develop not between Harry and Sally but between different characters and the members of the lead couple.

assignment help 9861


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