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assignment help 9854.

Need an research paper on steve reich. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. 6. Steve Reich reportedly applied diverse styles of music through minimalism and innovative genres such as Avant Garde music, chamber music, tape music, and vocal music. His formal studies from different cultures and places were instrumental in influencing disparities in styles of writing and paved the way in generating compositions that were distinctly unique and exemplary.

7. The method of composing for Steve Reich involved the audible process, where it was stressed that music was “composed using no form of traditional score. rather the composer lists the instructions that the performers must use in order to create the music” (The Audible Process in the Music of Steve Reich: Music as an Audible Process par. 3).

8. There were a variety of innovations that Steve Reich did in his musical composition, including: the use of the audible process. the emergence of chamber music. and “realms of serialism. music using a fixed order of elements. “Chance Music” used random elements in either the composition or performance of a piece. “Aleatory” techniques also involved chance but with the use of selective aspects of control, predetermination or limits. “Indeterminacy” refers to a performance or composition where the outcome is unkown” (The Audible Process in the Music of Steve Reich: Reaction Against Serialism par.

assignment help 9854


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