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assignment help 9835

assignment help 9835.

Creating your own garden with a perimeter of 10x+8. Your unique garden can be two different shapes; a square or a rectangle. You will be including sketches of your design and calculations. The challenge that you will face is to add a border to your garden and find the number of seeds needed to fill the garden. You will also be stating the seeds that you are using and why as they must be native to the UAE.


  • Discuss the dimensions of the rectangular/squared as polynomial expressions of the garden based on the given perimeter. Perimeter must be 10x+8.
  • Sketch 1: Find the perimeter and area of the garden. Show your labeled sketch of the garden. Include expressions for the length and width of the garden. Each expression must be a linear polynomial with integer coefficients.
  • Sketch 2: Add a border of width x around the garden. What is the area of the border? (In terms of polynomial expressions). Explain the mathematical strategies you used to find the area of the border.
  • Sketch 3: How many seeds do you need to cover the area of the garden bed knowing that you should keep 0.25 ft between each seed and 0.25 ft away from the border. Use the area expression found in your second part, to calculate the area when x = 0.5, presented in ft square. HINT: Substitute the value into your side lengths and use the formula to help you. Seeds = side length/0.25

assignment help 9835


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