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assignment help 9826

assignment help 9826.

Part I:  Give a brief introduction of yourself (maximum 6 sentences).  

Part II:  State which topic in this course you are interested in the most (review the chapter listing in the syllabus and in your book) and why.  Please ensure that you reference any topic outside of the first chapter in this part of your post.  This portion of the assignment must be at least 4 sentences.  Hint:  Think of how that topic is relevant to your major, your goals and/or your personal interests.  

Part III:  Find an article that expounds on the application of marginal costs/benefits, opportunity costs, or utility.  Provide a brief overview of the article and your thoughts on the decision (if applicable).  Provide insight on what you would suggest as being the optimal decision of the problem addressed in the article based on the information in Chapter 1 and your own knowledge.  This portion of the assignment must be at least 7 sentences.

  • Please include proper APA citations/documentation for any reference material.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Ensure to use reputable article websites.  Blogs, opinion columns, online or paper textbooks, Wikipedia, Investopedia, and should not be used for your articles.  The MTC Library has numerous articles/journals available on myMTC that you can access.  If you have questions about if you can use your article, please contact your instructor.

assignment help 9826


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