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assignment help 9823.

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic narrative therapy. Particularly, narrative therapy helps consider problems as distinct from the people they affect since it presumes that people typically possess diverse skills, beliefs, values, commitments, and competencies capable of assisting them to diminish or deter the impact of the problems in their lives (Goldenberg &amp.&nbsp.Goldenberg, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to examine the details and processes that constitute narrative therapy. Narrative therapy encompasses comprehensive conversations, which are both interactive and in collaboration with the individuals seeking therapy (American Psychological Association, 2006). Significantly, the people consulting therapists play a marked role in shaping the direction of the therapeutic journey. Through collaboration, the therapist endeavors to appreciate what the client finds interesting, as well as how the therapeutic journey suits these preferences. Collaboration is, therefore, a vital part of narrative therapy since it enables the client must feel at ease while giving the narrative. Consequently, narrative therapists constantly inquire from their clients their levels of comfort and interest in the topic being discussed (Etchison &amp. Kleist, 2000). This allows for narrative conversations to be directed and guided by the interests of the clients rather than the therapists’ point of view.

assignment help 9823


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