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assignment help 9821.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The based on published will analyze an organizational change effort. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. During the 1970s, Samsung invested in the heavy, chemical, and petrochemical industries. The company also posed competitively for the world’s textile industry, through vertical integration of manufacturing processes from raw materials to end products (Samsung, 2011). In 1978, Samsung Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics separate into two entities (Samsung, 2011). During the mid-1990s, Samsung radically changed its business through a renewed commitment to making world-class products, giving total customer satisfaction, and being a good corporate citizen – following the vision of “quality first” (Samsung, 2011). At the same decade, Samsung already offered 17 different products, such as semiconductors, computer monitors, TFT-LCD screens, and color picture tubes (Samsung, 2011). It had successfully climbed to the ranks of the top-five products for global market share in their industries and 12 others also achieved top rankings (Samsung, 2011). The 1997 financial crisis negatively affected almost all Korean businesses. Samsung was one of few companies that grew and not so much scathed, due to its leadership in digital and network technologies and its diversified portfolio in electronics, finances, and related services (Samsung, 2011).

assignment help 9821


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