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assignment help 9794

assignment help 9794.

Need help with my writing homework on Customer-Friendly Website and Its Characteristics. Write a 250 word paper answering; It is known that the website is supposed to have an easy and usable interface, accurately and wisely organized content, visually pleasing design etc. in order to attract customers and make them stay and shop. The website should have good navigation which actually means simple and not overloaded navigation (Singh).

First, Shirts Shop website has a simple colour scheme in white and navy with no violent colours, thus the content on the website is rather readable. The company’s logo is also rather simple and laconic. When coming to the website’s home page, the customer sees the popups demonstrating and drawing attention to the most interesting propositions to date. The navigation is very simple with the main goods’ categories located in the line in the upper part of the page.

The goods offered on the website are supplied with a comprehensive description and high-quality photos (including demonstration photos of aprons on models). All the contact information of the company is put at the bottom of every page. Moreover, to my thinking, the website is accessible for every user, the fonts are highly readable, and the speed of its operation is rather high. Taking into account these characteristics, this website can be claimed to be customer-friendly.&nbsp.&nbsp.

assignment help 9794


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