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In this exercise, you will use your knowledge of periodic properties and a list of clues to arrange the main group (representative) elements into a periodic table.

Use the clues below to identify the elements represented by the letters A-Z

G is a noble gas

U is an alkali metal

E has 5 electrons in its outer energy level

N has 2 valence electrons

T has an outer electron configuration of 4s2 4p1

Q is a halogen

M has a valence electron configuration of 4s2 4p4

W is a gas at room temperature

F has the smallest atomic mass in its group

P has the lowest ionization energy in its family

Atoms of Z have 2 neutrons

Atoms of D contain 10 protons

The electrons of atom G are distributed over three energy levels

H is the least metallic element in its group

The atomic mass of V is less than that of J but more than that of N

J has a lower ionization energy than V but a higher ionization energy than K

The atomic number of R is one greater than that of Z

Y is a liquid at room temperature whereas Q is a gas

The atomic radius of S is greater than that of C

A is more metallic than either O or E

Atoms of K are larger than those of U

T is more metallic than B

X has an atomic number that is one less than that of G

E is a gas at room temperature

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