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assignment help 9787.

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This project is designed to help students identify stereotypical and exaggerated behavior patterns of characters portrayed in popular television programs.

Hopefully, this assignment will prompt you to look at television with a new perspective. Choose two prime-time television dramas and answer each of the questions suggested below about each program. Rather than simply giving short answers to each question, provide explanations for your answers. 

Remember to list the name of the show for each sets of questions.

  1. How stereotypical or realistic is the portrayal of the main character?
  2. How stereotypical or realistic is the portrayal of other characters?
  3. Do you think people in similar situations as the main and other characters of the show would have the same resources for responding to or solving their problems?
  4. What was the problem that had to be solved in the show? Is this problem typical of problems faced by people in real life?
  5. How realistic are the solutions depicted in the show?
  6. Are villains realistically portrayed?
  7. Is violence the main theme of the show?

Summarize your observations of the two shows. For example, explain how realistically the show portrayed people solving problems, whether the problems portrayed were like problems “real” people face, and so on. 

assignment help 9787


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