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assignment help 9784.

I need a response or feedback on the below Answer:

Question: Based on the planned scope of your capstone project, what type of needs analysis tool (e.g., coaching, training) would you need to select? Provide a brief rationale.

Answer: I would need to select the coaching tool because that helps people grow and learn in the process. When you coach someone, you’re teaching them how to embrace the potential they have, as well as making sure they learn a lot in the process. That person will be learning something new most of the time according to their subject. Coaching them will give them a better perspective of their purpose and why they’re working towards their goals. Discovering new talents and abilities will inspire them to want to do more within their purpose. I’ve experienced helping people with trusting themselves, and there’s only been success from then. Being a servant leader has brought so much positivity into other people’s lives. Making sure that people are being educated and informed in the right way in order to succeed is what many people look forward to, which is why I like to serve others (Greenleaf, 1970). People love to have someone to go to for help in their careers, especially when the person is accessible. A life coach is always needed i any area of life.


  1. Greenleaf, R. K. (1970). The servant as leader. Center For Servant Leadership.

assignment help 9784


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