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assignment help 9780

assignment help 9780.

10-12 page paper over financing terrorism.

 The NARRATIVE of the paper will be at least 10 to 12 pages in length and will deal with a topic discussed in the book or in class. While the minimum length is non-negotiable, the maximum length is not limited. Please be aware however, that long length does not promise an “A.” Professionalism, accuracy, neatness, and cogent arguments put to paper are the best way to receive an “A.” While I do not formally require that you “clear” a topic with me before hand, it does not hurt to check with me so that you do not head down a non-productive rabbit hole. Likewise, I can assist you with developing ideas for subjects to tackle so please feel free to ask.

After you submit your paper to the course website, it is automatically reviewed by Turn-it-in which checks for plagiarism issues.The paper will be written in the following criteria:

1. Typed, double-spaced; 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman or similar), one-inch margins. The paper will include (at a minimum): an introduction, discussion, conclusion, title page, table of contents and a list of references.

2. At least three references in addition to the textbook will be included.

3. The paper will be clearly written, succinctly with proper grammar and spelling, using APA formats.

4. Include a table of contents that reconciles with the sub-headings within your paper.

assignment help 9780


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