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assignment help 9768

assignment help 9768.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Government and Religion. It needs to be at least 250 words. Despite the fact that religion assists society in the maintenance of order, it does not actually specify a certain form of governance. This is so even if the culture and religion are so much intertwined such that they cannot be separated and religion is the major thing in every piece of life in the society. State and religion vary and in the way, they influence each other. Political power can instigate certain actions, but religion is the one that offers these actions the moral legitimacy (Brown-Foster and Goldstein, 2010).

In the formation of a government that has many religious factions, these factors must be taken into consideration. It is imperative for the country to balance the opinions of the different religions and integrate them in the formation of the government. This is because the relationship between the government and the religion is very fluid. the religion and/or the political change in response to history and its interpretation. According to Brown-Foster and Goldstein (2010), circumstance and history determine the evolvement of the relationship between the state and the religion.

The institutions should be set up in a way that they do not have certain privileges within the constitution but the freedom of worship privately should be given.&nbsp.

assignment help 9768


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