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assignment help 9762

assignment help 9762.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses enhances development of early literacy. Development of positive skills especially in solving problems. Learning obtained from characters acting in the stories, help children to relate them to various situations that occur in life. The stories help them know how to take a positive action during anxieties, problems, and battles in life (Jones and Foreman 87- 140)

Building Resilience. Since the world today is a frightening allengesplace, tremendous stress can occur to many children and also families. In such cases need to be informed that something bad happens to everyone. Fairy tales assist them to develop resilience especially when they relate the prepare children for challenges encountered in life and how inputs belief that success is possible

Installing cultural literacy. Fairy tales are an important tool that helps children understand behaviors and values that are morally upright in a certain social setting. Children tend to avoid behaviors that have been criticized in a story and will uphold those that have been encouraged.

Teaches basic elements in the story. Children can learn how to develop a story, conflict resolution, villains and heroes and character development that broadens their imaginations. Moreso it helps to differentiate between fiction and non-fictional stories

Source of entertainment for children.&nbsp.

assignment help 9762


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