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assignment help 9757

assignment help 9757.

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses sugar cane alley. With the kind of formal education that he received, Jose had come to realize the need to identify and be proud of his identity. Indeed, formal education had thought him that nothing could be more enslaving than for his true identity to be missing. In his search for knowledge therefore, Jose was also seriously searching for his true identity and a self will that would make him accept his roots and identity as the best. After all, it is said that even if the back of your teeth is sour, it remains where your tongue licks. This means that even if you shy away from your identity because of whatever negative tag it may have, it remains your roots.

For Jose to have said that “tomorrow I’ll return to Fort de France and I’ll take my Black Shack Alley with me” therefore means that Jose had finally come to find the solution to the puzzle he had been trying to solve since the beginning of the movie. The puzzle of his identity – the puzzle of who he was! The solution was that he was Black and came from the true Black identity, which is, of course, Africa and for the fact that he admired and revered where he was coming from, he was ready to take his identity along with him without fear or shyness. The statement, therefore, means the discovery of Jose’s identity and his readiness to embrace his true and original identity without compromise.

assignment help 9757


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