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assignment help 9752.


Few of us get through this life unscathed by illness or disease of some sort. If not us, then a loved one. We all eventually have family die, even is from old age. These experiences impact and influence us as well as our attitude toward health care and illness. Perhaps we become hypervigilant to the point it negatively impacts our lives. Perhaps we develop a “devil may care” attitude and stop trying to live healthful lives. The purpose of this assignment is to deeply reflect on your past experiences so you can be more open to what you are learning.

Personalize your experiences with disease pathologies.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

·         This is an informal reflection paper. Proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling are ALWAYS required. For help with this, add the free Grammarly extension to your browser and submit your document for feedback.

·         Reflection papers do not require a citation unless you use information that is not common knowledge

·         Consider a disease or disorder that impacted you or someone you know.

·         Share as much as you are comfortable sharing. Avoid personal identifying information

·         Do you feel what you are learning in this course will have an impact on your feelings about this pathology?

·         The paper should be at least 400 words in length.

assignment help 9752


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