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assignment help 9751

assignment help 9751.

or your assignment, you will discuss a few of the questions below.

First, independently research how artists used music to push their political agenda out to young audiences. After your research, present the class with one or two songs that protested civil injustices. 

• You must pick one song form the 20th century and,• You must pick one song form the 21st century

Along with these songs, post a paragraph or two explaining why these songs represent a political statement meant to WAKE UP THE WORLD to injustice. Please include a link to the song or the lyrics to the song. Also, please mention the context of the song, i.e., “put headphones in because there’s bad language and you’re currently doing your homework next to your saintly mom!”For your Culture War: Music assignment: During the latter half of the 20th century, young men ages 18-25 found themselves in the hot seat of political drama in response to the Vietnam Conflict. This created the infamous counter-culture and hippie movement. Feminism also comes to boiling point as women violently demand their rights and their place among men. As we progress into the 1980’s police brutality amongst the inner-city African American communities explode with race riots. Like a megaphone to this political trauma, these tensions exploded over the air waves. These advocates understood the power of music and used it to their advantage. 

assignment help 9751


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