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assignment help 9737

assignment help 9737.

Write a 6 pages paper on external and competitive environment for tourism industry. Tourism Industry Total receipts from tourism are 9% of the world GDP and the tourist industry employs 2.8% of the total world population (Quick Facts, 2010). The Tenerife economy is greatly reliant on the tourism industry. The service sector of the economy contributes 79.4% to the GDP where hostelry comprises of 14.29% of the total of the tourism industry of the Canary Islands (Economic Sector, 2005). It is approximated that 10 million tourists visit the Canary Islands which includes 5 million tourists every year in Tenerife alone (Osborne). It was once viewed that more tourists meant more money in the industry but now a new concept have revealed (Osborne). The Tenerife Industry is focusing more upon quality of the services provided rather than increasing their sales (Osborne). This is mainly due to the realization that tourists enjoy quality vacation and are ready to pay higher amounts to stay in “good quality” four and five star hotels (Osborne). The volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2010 carved a caricature of the Tourism Industry in Europe. Initially, the volcano eruption rose excitement among the tourists and they went on to Iceland to have a look at the natural catastrophic eruption. However, later the danger aggravated and not only the tourism industry of Iceland but of the whole Europe was messed up.

assignment help 9737


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