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assignment help 9735

assignment help 9735.

I need some assistance with these assignment. psychosocial behavior of children Thank you in advance for the help! Children in their industry vs. inferiority developmental stage according to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory, learn a lot by observation. These children, when exposed to poor parenting, would emulate what the parents do and socialize the acts as the societally acceptable norms.

Drawing an inference from the video “in the shadow of feeling,” I have come to understand that psychopathy is a trait attained by individuals at different stages of development. From interviews with doctors, business people and the identified psychopaths, the video give an insight on psychopathic cases that have not committed an actual crime (Bar-Levav, 2008). The intensity of the condition as well as the level of the provoking factor influence the commitment of a crime by psychopathic children. Nevertheless, genetic predisposition is found to be one of the major psychological factors that expose children to psychopathic condition. Consumerism, which is the ever-growing desire to possess a greater amount of goods and services is equally associated with a psychopath. Consumerism as psychopathy trait can be linked to childhood development, especially if the child was brought up in an environment with little resources. Consumerism thus acts as a compensatory mechanism for the earlier deprivations.

assignment help 9735


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