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assignment help 9734

assignment help 9734.

Use the hint below to estimate all job overhead and assumed home office overhead costs for that project.

Your company is interested in bidding for a commercial building project (you can choose any location). The duration of the project is 2 years. You can make assumptions on the annual revenue of your company.

1. You should follow the examples in chapter 6 (Overheads and Contingencies) to make assumptions and calculate these overheads (For home office overhead follow figure 6.1, example 6-1 and for job overheads follow details on pages1 68- 70). 2. Please go through the estimating checklist under week 2 folder for various indirect costs.

Your work will be graded based on the completeness and accuracy of the following components: o Cover sheet including your name and ID (-5) o Assumptions made to complete your work for example what’s the annual revenue of your company office rent etc. in order to calculate home office cost allocation (-15) o Calculations needed to get all the quantities and cost numbers (-50) 1 The page number can be different if you have different edition of the textbook. Please contact the TA in this case. CE 4382: Construction Cost Analysis and Bidding o Project estimate summary excel sheet attached as an Excel sheet. You will only fill out only the portion for the overhead cost in that excel sheet (-20) o References including your cost resources (-10)

assignment help 9734


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