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assignment help 9726

assignment help 9726.

Research ALL 10 of the Sociology theorists listed below. Choose one of them and clearly explain their major contribution to Sociology as a science. In addition, find a current event that has occurred within the last month (cite your source) and explain how the theorist you chose would rationalize that event. (ie) Karl Marx would view the remarks of sports commentator Bob Costas, when he publicly questioned ESPN’s motive behind choosing Caitlyn Jenner to win the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, as the wealthy get to dictate what society views as right and wrong. In addition, homophobia is a condition created by the ruling class which continues to separate us based on arbitrary values.

Assignment must be at least 2 pages in length to earn a passing grade (C). Three full pages can earn a B, and four full pages can earn an A. The quality of analysis is also part of the grade (i.e. four pages of writing that lacks critical insight or analysis will not earn an A, but will earn a lower grade. You must apply your critical thinking to the event of your choosing to earn an A). Remember that headers don’t count toward page-length, to double space,  and use 12-point font!!! 

1. Auguste Comte

2. Karl Marx

3. W.E.B. DuBois

4. Emile Durkheim

5. Max Weber

6. Jane Addams

7. Charles Cooley

8. Ibn Khaldun

9. Michel Foucault

10. George Herbert Mead

assignment help 9726


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