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assignment help 9725

assignment help 9725.

ONLY CHAPTER 16 is due today! the rest you have more time to do

Chapter 16

 1. Discuss the new idea that Galileo proposed to the world.  How did these new idea change the way that people saw the world around them?  How has it affected us in the modern world?

Chapter 17 

During this chapter we see a massive change all around Europe.  The populations of most all nations began to grow very rapidly. 

-What were some of the causes of this quick and massive growth? 

-What were some of the results or consequences of this growth? 

-How did it affect different groups in societies? 

Please use your text and the resources listed on the home page along with any other good sources, not wikipedia, that you may find to answer these questions.

Chapter 18 

What was marriage like during this chapter?  Did people marry younger/older?  Did they move out on their own or live with families?  Was this viewed differently for men and women?  How does this compare to marriage today?

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 centers around Revolutions and the problems that cause them.  What were the problems that existed in the societies of France and the United States during the late 18th century that caused people to stand up and revolt?  Who were some of the people who influenced these revolts?  How successful were the revolts in France and the United States?

assignment help 9725


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