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assignment help 9721

assignment help 9721.

This is a theoretical paper it should be 6 pages long and the 7th page should have MLA citation. I have completed the introduction and half of the background part myself. You just have continued with the background information  which i already wrote half and u can write the other half then 3 theoretical analyses and a conclusion. Altogether paper should only be 6 pages long and please write a citation on the 7th page as mentioned above.

THE TOPIC OF THE PAPER IS: Kashmir conflict (between India and Pakistan)

Theories example that you are going to include: First, begin with remembering the theories and ideas that we discussed in the class with regards to the root causes/conditions of contemporary conflicts. Some of the theories that we covered in the class are Galtung’s conflict triangles (structural-direct-cultural violence), Gurr’s Relative Deprivation, Cultural Explanations (culture-religion), Gendered explanations of war, Social Identity Theories to name a few. Then, figure out the theories that explain the root causes of your conflict.

The main question you should ask to answer in the paper is “Which two of the conflict theories that we covered in the course have the potential to explain the root causes of the conflict that I am studying?”.


I am attaching the half paper that I wrote. Just continue with it 

assignment help 9721


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