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assignment help 9715.

A plane makes an emergency crash landing on a deserted tropical island.  Two dozen survivors must fend for themselves until help arrives and this does not seem likely to occur soon since the survivors have no means of communication and do not know their exact location. 

All of them are from large cities, and none of them has survival experience.  The survivors find it impossible to gather enough food, and everyone begins losing weight.  One survivor spends a lot of time alone and figures out how to catch fish and brings fish back to camp.  Others ask the fisher person to teach them how to catch fish.  The fisher person refuses, but offers to share the fish that are caught with the other passengers as long as they take care of the other camp chores, such as hauling fresh water, gathering firewood, maintaining the fire, cooking and camp security and sanitation.

Consider the morality of the bargain proposed by the fisher person. 

You should first consider why the fisher person’s position is morally wrong, then consider why the fisher person’s position is morally acceptable.  When discussing the case, utilize your knowledge of ethical theories, intellectual property and constitutionally protected rights.  What other bargains must also be agreed for the proposed solution to function equitably.  Use the results of your discussions with others to strengthen your final report.

assignment help 9715


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