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assignment help 9707.


With the advent of the printing press, the number and length of theological works increased greatly in the Reformation. This means it can be difficult to narrow down the main issues that are driving the debates and divisions. However, in the midst of all the various works, we are fortunate to have two accessible letters by a Catholic Bishop (Jacopo Sadoleto) and an early reformer (John Calvin) related that distill the key issues. Geneva, a French-speaking Swiss city, turned towards the Reformation and was strongly influenced by Calvin. However, they eventually encouraged Calvin to leave and Sadoleto wrote a letter to try to convince them to return to Catholicism. The Genevans actually asked Calvin to give a reply. Our focus will be these two letters that highlight what the two sides see as most important to support and defend their positions. Jacopo Sadoleto, “Letter to the Genevans” and John Calvin, “Reply to Sadoleto” in John Calvin & Jacopo Sadoleto: A Reformation Debate (John C. Olin, ed.; Grand Rapids: Baker, 1976).

Basic Requirements:

  • Word count of 1,250 words (including footnotes, but excluding bibliography).
  • Follow Chicago/Turabian/SBL citation formatting.
  • The key task is to describe what Luther means by “freedom” and how this plays out in the Christian’s life.
  • Submit the essay in Word format (.doc or .docx)

assignment help 9707


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