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assignment help 9705

assignment help 9705.

Module 3.1 – DiscussionBorrowed or Shared TheoriesInstructions: Choose one topic below, then post your response for this discussion. Response should be 300 words or more. Read the comments from your classmates. Please respond to at least two (2) of your classmate’s postings.Choose only one (1)Topic #1Consider two (2)courses that you have participated in;one that you liked and one that you did not like.Compare the teaching methodologies used in both courses.Discuss the teacher’s predominatebeliefs about learningbased on the classroom approach. Think about your own beliefs about learning. How did your own beliefs facilitate or hinder the learning process in each of the courses?Topic #2Try to determine how you learn. Are you predominately an auditory learner, visual learner, tactile learner or some combination of these?Now, attempt to visualize to determine the learning style of your patients in clinical setting or any clinical situations. Are they congruent?Now think about the patients you see each time you are in clinical environment. Have you noticed whether the patients have had effective learning experiences to help them maintain their health? Describe it. Using what you have learned from this module, decide what form of teaching would have complemented the learning styles of a particular patient such that their health education would have been more effective.

assignment help 9705


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