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assignment help 9702

assignment help 9702.

Assignment Content

  1. Accessthe Plain Language regulationsand scroll down toKey to Terms Used in Tablesevaluated by top federal regulatory experts.Selectan example of any regulation from theOverall Organizationtable.Readthe evaluation of your chosen regulationat theElectronic Code of Federal Regulationswebsite.Selecta regulation from any local government entity not listed in theTable of Plain Language Regulationsfor this assignment.Writea 700-word memorandum to the mayor. Select a position on the need for your chosen regulation to be revised or to remain in its current format. Include the following in your memorandum:
    • A brief description of the chosen regulation
    • The primary purpose and focus of the regulation
    • Words or phrases that identify the target audience of the regulation
    • Language that demonstrates diversity and cultural awareness of the stakeholders
    • Possible barriers in communicating with stakeholders
    • Recommendation as to how you could overcome any identifiable communication barriers
    • Recommendations for any other areas in need of improvement
    • Citeat least two sources other than the textbook.Formatyour presentation consistent with APA guidelines.Submit your assignment

assignment help 9702


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