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assignment help 9701

assignment help 9701.

Introduction (patient and problem) Explain who the patient is (Age, gender, etc.) Explain what the problem is (What was he/she diagnosed with, or what happened?) Introduce your main argument (What should you as a nurse focus on or do?)Pathophysiology Explain the disease (What are the symptoms? What causes it?)History Explain what health problems the patient has (Has she/he been diagnosed with otherdiseases?) Detail any and all previous treatments (Has she/he had any prior surgeries or is he/she onmedication?)Nursing Physical Assessment List all the patient’s health stats in sentences with specific numbers/levels (Bloodpressure, bowel sounds, ambulation, etc.)Related Treatments Explain what treatments the patient is receiving because of his/her diseaseNursing Diagnosis & Patient Goal Explain what your nursing diagnosis is (What is the main problem for this patient? Whatneed to be addressed?) Explain what your goal is for helping the patient recover (What do you want to changefor the patient?)Nursing Interventions Explain how you will accomplish your nursing goals, and support this with citations(Reference the literature)Evaluation Explain how effective the nursing intervention was (What happened after your nursingintervention? Did the patient get better?)Recommendations

 Explain what the patient or nurse should do in the future to continuerecovery/improvement

assignment help 9701


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