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9045.   Explain why carbohydrates are needed in a diet Identify foods that are rich in carbohydrates Describe the body’s handling of glucose For this discussion, the student will:  Watch the following video, “What are carbohydrates?” https://youtu.be/wxzc_2c6GMg Complete the “Risk of Diabetes Assessment” Diabetes Risk Assessment: https://www.diabetes.org/risk-test  (COMPLETED ALREADY BY ME, SEE ATTACHMENT FOR SCORE), and answer the following:  1. Were you surprised by your results?  2. Can you prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes?  3. Share with the class at least 2 strategies to lower your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.  4. Provide at least 2 signs or symptoms of hypoglycemia.  Please include at least 2 sources for citation, articles or books. APA 7 ed. No websites cited.



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