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8859.  NOTE: 300 WORDS. Use 3 sources below. Kindly read the instruction below. Consider a topic that rises to the presidential level. How did each of the presidents (Trump, Obama, and Bush) handle the problem? What would you do differently? Hint: Consider how federal agendas promote healthcare issues and how these healthcare issues become agenda priorities RESOURCES: 1) Milstead, J. A., & Short, N. M. (2019). Health Policy and Politics: A nurse’s guide (6th ed.). Burlington, MA. Jones & Bartlett Learning 2) O’Rourke, N.C., Crawford, S.L., Morris, N. S.,, & Pulcini; J. (2017). Political efficacy & participation of nurse practitioner. Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice, 18(3), 135-148 3) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (Paperback) 7th 20, Author: American Psychological Association. 



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