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8624.    1. What advice did Maverick, Starr’s father give her as a young child if she was ever pulled over by the police?  2. Did Starr follow her father’s advice when Khalil was pulled over by the policeman?  3. How did you feel when the shots rang out in the first few scenes (book or movie)?  4. How does Starr describe her adaptation to Williamson high school? Is the transition easy for her?  5. What were your feelings after Khalil was pulled over by the policeman? What was the trigger that the policeman reacted to? Did the policeman do the right thing? That’s a difficult question to answer. You may feel conflicted at this point. Just describe your feelings.  6. How does this book mirror the current events in our society? Provide recent examples of civil unrest.  7. Do you believe the current pandemic has fostered a more volatile society? Provide rationale. 



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