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8537.  HA4070D – Regulatory Environment in Health Care  Discussion 10: Medical Staff Boycotts of Allied Health Professionals  For this discussion, use the background provided on page 509 of your text. Remember to make your own original posting, and respond to at least two other students. As a lawyer for Centerville Psychiatric Hospital, .Advise it on the safest way to exclude Dr. Zock. .Consider whether to use primarily quality or economic criteria, .Whether to act under the existing bylaws or to change them, .And finally consider Dr. Zock individually. .Consider what procedures to follow Base your discussion on material from the text and your own experience. Cite sources when necessary. Remember to write 150 words in complete sentences. The Law of Health Care  Finance & Regulation–Vitalsource Bookself-username-crtshhill49@yahoo.com-Password-#magicMAN61



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