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8341. Gastrointestinal Case Study Henry, a 58 y/o male, recently reports waking up in the middle of the night with burning abdominal pain. Symptoms occur several nights a week with occasional discomfort in the middle of the afternoon. A bland diet or drinking milk do seem to help and spicy foods aggregate the symptoms. PMH: non-contributory SH: Works in a grocery store, divorced, non-smoker, drinks 1-2 beers/day Allergies: none Meds: 1 325mg ASA daily for cardiovascular prevention ROS: Constitutional: Decrease appetite and 5% weight loss; denies fever ENT: Denies sore throat or drainage Lungs: Occasional dry cough at night Heart: Mid sternum chest burning intermittently Abdomen: Epigastric burning and tenderness, denies constipation or diarrhea Initial Post: Summarize the pathophysiology of Peptic Ulcer Disease as compared to GERD and explain which one his symptoms most closely represent. Support with evidence.



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