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8291.   Scholarly Paper The purpose of this paper is to choose a Human Science Nursing theory and discuss how this theory will inform your practice as a student nurse. Questions to consider: • What Nursing theory seems consistent with my personal values and beliefs? • What do I hope to achieve from using this theory? • How can I use this theory to improve my practice for myself and for my patients? Required Elements: I. Maximum 5 pages, double space, APA 7th ed. II. References required. III. Introduction, body, and conclusion. IV. Brief description of chosen theory. V. Evidence of analysis related to above questions. Nursing theories to choose from · Environmental theory – Florence Nightingale · Theory of Caring – Jean Watson · Science of Unitary Human Beings – Martha Rogers · Health as Expanding Consciousness – Margaret Newman · Human becoming Theory – Rosemarie Parse · Humanistic Nursing – Paterson & Zderad



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