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8243.  Attached Files:  Medical Coding in Global Pandemic Part Two Grading Rubric.docx (38.012 KB) Now that we have located the codes, let’s create our Quick Reference Guide for the Johnson Clinic staff. Instructions: Utilizing Microsoft Word, create a professionally designed document that clearly illustrates the codes. Remember your audience! In addition to the medical administrative team, physicians and nursing staff will also use this reference guide. Your Quick Reference Guide must be at least one-page. It can be single-sided or double-sided. Use 11pt Calibri font and 1″ margins Save your Quick Reference Guide file with your last name Quick Reference Guide (for example, Susie Smith’s file would be named Smith Quick Reference Guide). Use this link to submit your Quick Reference Guide. A Quick Reference Guide which is clear, easy-to-read-and-understand with accurate medical codes will earn 15 points. The grading rubric is attached.



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