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8082. Answer to peer. Two paragraphs and one reference no last than 5 years.    Chinn & Kramer (2015) share that emancipatory knowing represent knowledge and practice. When addressing a patient problem and taking actionable steps to improve outcomes, we must ask the critical questions to uncover barriers–those easily seen and not so much. Often times, this equates to exploring what’s outside the clinical arena. We are tasked with interacting and exploring with our patients …beyond the surface. While it can be like “opening a can of worms”, it is an ethical approach to necessary resources.  In  reference to your clinical exemplar (critical condition), can you share a bit of details on what particular actions/considerations of the nurse demonstrate esthetic and emancipatory knowing?  I look forward to your thoughts. Thank you, Dr. Williams Chinn, P. L., & Kramer, M. K. (2015). Knowledge Development in Nursing: Theory and Process (9th ed., chapter 3). Elsevier.



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