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8067. For the purpose of this assignment, we will explore Roy’s Adaptation Model and answer the following: ·    Identify 2 major issues faced by rural populations in meeting their health care needs. What specific social determinants of health significantly influence these issues? Identify and describe 3 (out of 10) explicit assumptions of Roy’s Adaptation Model. How do these assumptions apply to rural health? What subsystems facilitate or hinder the overall system’s ability to meet the needs of the rural population? Describe a plan or legislative process (may be one currently under review or recently passed) for improving the “healthcare system” and the potential impact on the rural population. Make sure you also include a clear, separate introduction and conclusion as a part of this assignment, as these are worth separate points on the grading rubric. Please review rubric for all necessary component of this essay. 2 peer reviewed articles within 5 year required. 



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