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8058.   Every person must have a different organization and or a different virus Identify an organization, WHO, CDC, or any other organization that is seeking to control, eliminate or eradicate one virus mentioned in the chart in Journal #1week 1.(H1N1 2009)  What progress has been made or is being made toward the organization’s goal? In your response address testing, screening, disease control and containment. What form of communication was utilized by the organization to disseminate information to the public? How did the organization use ethical principles and values to promote client advocacy and collaborative activities? In your answer address no less than two terms from below Autonomy Beneficence Nonmaleficence Justice Fidelity Veracity Confidentiality Privacy Please support journal #3 with peer reviewed scholarly articles less than 5 years old and the course text (s). Supplemental references can be added as additional resources from .gov. edu or .org websites.



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